June 2020 Product Update

New Features

Appointments Improvements:

  • New search and filter options for main appointments page. Admins & Super-admins can now search for appointments by patient name, external ID or email, and filter by date or provider.
  • When creating an appointment, the provider list now shows full first and last name for each provider.
  • When an appointment date/time is updated, the Zoom meeting is automatically updated as well.

Additional Improvements:

  • Super-admins can now reset a member's password from his/her profile.
  • New stacked-card view for recurring events in the member-facing Events section.
  • When editing recurring events, admins can now modify a single occurrence or apply the changes to all future occurrences.
  • New option to associate a Location with a specific team. The location information will now show under a 'Teams' section of the Contact Us page, and is only visible to members of that team.

Resolved Bugs

  • The 'View Details' link shown on event cards in the stream will now correctly open the full event section.
  • An event will now stay visible on the event page until its designated end time.
  • When joining a Zoom meeting from the web version of the app, users will no longer be prompted for the meeting password.
  • For content posted to all teams, members will only see reactions from people on the same team(s) as them.
  • For Admins, the Daily Summary links will now display only the content for your team(s).

Each month our Product & Customer Success team provides a webinar to demo new features and talk about our product roadmap. All app admins are invited to attend!

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