May 2020 Product Update

New Features:

  • Events -

1) Virtual Events can now be created using a Zoom Meeting or Webinar ID allowing for clients to have greater control over default settings.

2) Recurring events are now required to have a start and end date for a recurrence schedule.

3) First name/Last name is now displayed on RSVP's for Super Admins and Admins.

4) Updated listing on dashboard for recurring events.

  • Telehealth - An alternative host can be selected when creating a telehealth session.
  • Conversations - First name/Last name is now displayed on conversations for Super Admins and Admins.
  • Recovery Date - Workflow changes to make adding a recovery date more intuitive for the end user.
  • Post Formatting for End Users - End users can now add line returns for posts created from the stream.


  • Close button on Contact Info page is hidden in the info bar on some devices.
  • Issues editing an automated private message.
  • Survey not disappearing from screen after completion.
  • Issues sending announcements.
  • Adding images to posts.
  • Daily Summary was not working as expected for Admins.

Coming Soon:

  • Zoom - Continued improvements to our Zoom integration based on changes with Zoom's security settings.
  • Events - Additional improvements to recurring events. Updates to member facing list of recurring events.
  • Telehealth - Changes to how past appointments are listed. Adding search/filter capabilities to appointment lists for Super Admins and Admins.

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