April 2020 Product Update

As "shelter in place" mandates continue, the way our clients are using the app continues to evolve. This month our team focused on workflow changes related to telehealth appointments along with some additional improvements for apps with many teams.

New Features:

  • Improvements to telehealth - We focused on workflow improvement related to editing appointments and the notifications related to edits made to appointments.
  • Filter by permission/role in member section - In apps where there are a multitude of teams, admins often want the ability to filter the member list by permission. Admins will now see the option to filter the member section by team and additionally, by permission or role.
  • Changes to registration page - Again, in apps where there are a multitude of teams present, registration for the wrong team was common. We changed the workflow to force app users to view a longer list of teams when registering for an account to increase awareness of team options.

Coming Soon:

  • Populate Virtual Events with Zoom Meeting IDs, rather than Zoom Webinar IDs.
  • Add alternative hosts for Zoom telehealth appointments.

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