March 2020 Product Update

Since "better at home" and social distancing mandates, we've seen usage of the app increase dramatically. In the month of March alone, we saw a large increase in the following metrics - 

  • nearly 136,000 logins 
  • over 900 telehealth appointments conducted via the app
  • a 71% increase in the number of unique events posted
  • nearly 1700 requests for access

As a result, our team is focusing on continued improvements to telehealth in the month of April.

New Features:

  • Integrations - We made significant improvements to our integration with the electronic health record Athena, specifically around appointment lists and reminders.
  • SMS Surveys - We expanded our survey functionality to include surveys delivered via SMS/text.
  • Telehealth - We continue to make improvements to the telehealth session experience for administrators and app users. This work will continue into April as well. 
  • Admin Dashboard - We redesigned the admin dashboard to surface actionable insights and key metrics. This is Phase I of redesign.
  • Other - General bug fixes and performance improvements.

Coming Soon:

  • Continued improvements to telehealth. 

Each month our Product and Customer Success team provide a webinar to demo new features and talk about our product roadmap. All app admins are invited to attend. Click below to register.

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