Configure Zoom

Zoom Integration Keys

To configure your app's integration with Zoom, you will need to submit the following to our team:

  • SDKKey
  • SDKSecret
  • APIKey
  • APISecret

The Zoom administrator for your facility can obtain these by navigating to

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to “develop” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select build app.
  • Navigate to “JWT” and click “create”.
  • Navigate to “SDK” and click “create”.
  • The client will need to send the SDKKey, SDKSecret, APIKey, and APISecret to our team to enable the feature on their behalf. 

Note - during the 'build app' section of Zoom you will be asked to provide some general information. You will use the name of your app or business here to build the profile.

Provider Zoom Account IDs

Providers using the Zoom Integration need to have a profile on the app and be an admin of the team they will be facilitating sessions/events for inside the app.

Once they have a profile, the Super Admin in the app needs to add the Zoom Account ID to each provider profile.

  • To do this, the Super Admin will navigate in the app to the menu > dashboard > member > search for the member > click on the provider’s profile > click Accounts & Permissions > paste in their corresponding Zoom Account ID.

To find the Zoom Account ID:

  • Login to an administrator Zoom account on
  • Navigate to the “user management” section, select the provider’s account, the URL bar should display a URL that contains /user, a series of numbers/letters, and /profile. 
  • The Zoom Account ID is the series of numbers/letters that live between the /user and /profile in the URL. 
  • Paste this into the app for each provider on their profile under “Zoom Account ID”. 
  • The Zoom Account ID looks like this - 

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