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Welcome to the CaredFor app support site! Within the site you'll find videos, documentation, and best practices to help you be successful with the app. We even think you'll find that using the app is fun!

So let's get started!

Structure of the App
The app is divided into groups. Each provider associated with this program will have its own group. Within that group you'll have the ability to manage users, create content, and use all the admin features as defined below. Each user you invite will be a part of your group, as well as the larger community group, which includes all users. The purpose of the larger group is to help form a thriving community around peer support.

Before you download the app, please read through the launch plan.

Internal Launch
This phase is limited to staff members. During this phase you’ll have the ability to explore the administration features and how you can better serve your patients/alumni/families. CaredFor will provide you with recorded training videos, email support, and access to this knowledge base for additional help. 

External Launch
After your staff have been trained and feel proficient with the app, you can start inviting your patients/alumni/families. There are several ways for you to invite users to the app.

Download the App
You can find the app in the app store for iOS and Android platforms as well as on the web. Contact support@caredfor.com if you need help locating your app.

Getting Started

  1. Need a training refresher? Access our training video.
  2. Read our FAQs to help get you started

Admin Features

The app includes a robust feature set to help you create a thriving community. As part of our service, CaredFor will be creating content to help support that community. This allows your team to focus on building authentic engagement with your users. If you'd like to add your own entries, events, surveys, or learn how to manage users - check out the guides listed below.


The content options allow you to add videos, articles, surveys, and even manage events!


Add users to the app and manage which users are administrators.
Invite Users

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