Manage Users

To manage users just navigate to menu > dashboard > members. From the members page, you'll have the ability to manage users associated with the teams that you're an administrator of. 

Once you select a desired member, you can see their information and update their permissions. Under Account & Permissions you will see all of the teams they are apart of and the permissions they have on that team. 

  • None - The given user doesn't have access to participate in the associated team.
  • Member - The given user may participate in the associated team as a regular user.
  • Admin - The given user has access to all features and permissions for the associated team.
  • Moderator - The given user may post certain types of content (promoted posts, inspirations, conversation starters), delete posts from other users, and privately message users. This role is most commonly used for therapists and
  • Contributor - The given user will have permissions posting any content on the app stream but will have NO access to user/member information, private messaging, member requests, or be able to view/edit any posts from users. You can see the full list of roles and permissions here.

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