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The CaredFor team supports many of our clients through a cadence of content uploaded to the app weekly. Administrators and moderators have the ability to create additional administrative posts which are visible to the teams they are managing.

To access this post content on your stream:

Open your app and press the menu button to open the side menu.

Select dashboard to view all administrative tools.

Select content to access the content editor tool.

When you select the green + new entry button, the drop down will display the various types of content.

Types of Content

Promoted Posts

Roles: Administrator, Contributor

Have some important news to share? Perhaps you've expanded to new locations, added new staff members, or just want to share an update. The promoted post is a great way to communicate that to your members.


Topics (Conversation Starters)

Roles: Administrator, Moderator, and Contributor

Topics are questions you can schedule and post in the stream. Topics are a great way to build engagement and get your community talking. 



Roles: Administrator, Moderator, and Contributor

Inspirational posts are a great way to encourage your audience. These posts help to prompt users to open the app and check out what's new.




Roles: Administrator, Contributor 

App members sometimes have questions and often you hear the same questions from them. The Q&A feature allow you to catalog those questions and your responses to them. Now your members have a way to help navigate to the content that applies to them.


Roles: Administrator, Contributor

There's a lot of great content on the web to support your members. Posting that content within your CaredFor app helps to educate and empower your members. The CaredFor team will be regularly adding content to the "explore" section which includes videos, podcasts, articles, and books. You too have the ability to add entries to that section. Over time, this section will become a go-to resource for your members.


Roles: Administrator, Moderator, and Contributor

Challenges are a way to prompt your users to complete an action. Some examples of challenges are to journal three times per week for the next two weeks and share how it's helped your life. These challenges are a unique way to further engage your members. Admins have the ability to create their own challenges within the app.

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