Think of challenges as a contest of sorts. A way for you to prompt your users to complete an action, and for them to share their response.

To create a challenge access menu > dashboard > content and then just tap the green + New Entry button. From the drop down select the Challenges option.

From the challenges create page you'll be prompted to complete the following fields:

  • Title - This is the name of the challenge (e.g. "Get Outdoors")
  • Say Something... - This is the description for the challenge
  • Summary - this is a short description of the challenge which will appear on the challenges list page
  • State Date / Time - is when the challenge should begin allowing users to "accept" the challenge
  • End Date / Time - is when users can no longer accept challenge or post a response
  • Responses Open Date / Time - is when users can post a response. Note that users can accept a challenge (by selecting "challenge accepted") but not be able to complete (post a response) until a later date because the challenge is time based
  • Post Date / Time - is when this challenge should be added to the challenges list
  • Publish To - is where the challenge should be displayed. For clients with teams for alumni and family, then you may choose to create different types of challenges for these groups

  *Note, this feature must be enabled. You can do so by accessing menu > dashboard > app settings > enable challenges.

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