Recovery Milestone

Users are able to create recovery and healing milestones in the app. The current milestones available to users are defined here.

Users can add their recovery milestone by going to menu > my profile. Users will see Add Date to Track Progress at the bottom of the screen. There a few options when posting milestones:

  • Milestone - Choose the language that best suits the user and their recovery. We have provided two different languages for these accomplishments. Recovery and Healing. 
  • Date - Select the date that their recovery or healing began.
  • Make Public? - Here users can choose if others on the app can see and celebrate their milestone or keep their accomplishments private. Private users will still receive notifications on anniversaries, view their milestone on their profile, or share it outside of the app. 


Once the milestone date has been reached, and if the user has selected the public option for the milestone, a post will be displayed in the stream. That post will trigger a push notification. Users have the ability to react and comment on these types of posts.




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