Creating and Managing Teams

A team is a private invite-only group, where messages, images, and updates can be securely shared. Within the team the provider (addiction recovery facility) can insert targeted content to help educate and inform the team members as they work to support and encourage the patient/alumni/family member.

When your organization's app was launched, an initial team was created. Admins and team leaders have the ability to customize the following information for a given team:

Team Name: In both of those workflows you’ll first be asked to provide a team name. This is the name which your team members will see in all notifications and when accessing the team from the menu.

Team Story:
The team story is a customized text section which is displayed under the team photo. The story section is intended to provide more information about the team to those participating in the team.

Team Photo: The team photo is displayed at the top of the team page. Once you select the desired image to upload, it will automatically be saved and added to the team page.

Read more about how to invite a user to a team.

Creating Teams - If you're trying to create a new team for another group of users, like a team to support families or those in recovery, contact