User Roles

When a new user is invited, their default role is “member”, but as the administrator you have the ability to assign a different role. You can create super admins, admins, and moderators. 

How it works:

  • From menu > dashboard > teams and members > select the desired member and then update their role accordingly.
  • Super Admin - Has access to all teams and all features within the app. The permission is designed for those with access at the highest level.
  • Admin - Has access to all admin features for the team they're an admin of, except for analytics/reporting.
  • Moderator - Has access to inviting members, sending private messages, and creating some admin content.
  • Member - Has access to posting content and using the basic user-facing features.

Note that by default all invited users are assigned the “member” role.

What's next?

Learn to invite users.

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