Managing Members

From the member page, administrators can sort users by those who are members, those who have requested access to the app but awaiting approval, and those you have invited.

Access the Members page by going to menu > dashboard > members.


Users are people who have either been invited and have registered, or who have requested access and their request has been approved. In both cases, these individuals have access to all the user-facing features of the app. From the user management page you can select a user to:

  • Update any information about them
  • Make them an administrator
  • Remove admin access
  • Assign them to a different team
  • Remove them from a team (or the entire app).


When a user registers for an account, but that email address or phone number is not associated with an invitation, that user will be "pending" until their access has been approved. This security step allows you to prevent unwanted access to the app. From this section, admins can:

  • View requests for access
  • Approve a request for access
  • Reject a request for access


The invites section is a list of people who have been invited either via email or SMS, but these people have yet to create an account. In some cases users will receive an invite and then register with a different email. From this page you can:

  • View invitation information
  • Delete an existing invite

You can invite users on this page by tapping on the green + Invite button. You will be prompted to fill out the following information:

  • Email address - if you're inviting via email, enter the user's email address).
  • SMS - you should only invite via email or phone, not both.
  • External ID - if you wish to associate this user an electronic medical record ID, you can input it here.
  • Team to join - select which team this member should belong to. Occasionally a user may need to be a member of two teams. If so, you can check membership to multiple teams.
  • Role on team - select the role permissions you would like to give a member.

*Note: When approved, the user will be notified and they will be given access to use the app. When rejected, the user will continue to see the "Your Request For Access Is In Review" message.

What's next?

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