December 2020 Product Update

New Features

Surveys & Assessments Updates: 

  • Survey Cadences - Use cadences to automate your recurring surveys. Select the team you want to survey then use the settings to customize how frequently each team member should receive the survey. The automation can be tied to either the date a member began treatment, left treatment, or created their app profile. 
  • Survey Triggers - Triggers are another type of automation that enable you to send a survey immediately when an action takes place. You can trigger a survey to be sent when a member joins an appointment or reaches their 6 month milestone.
  • Threshold Alerts - You'll receive a notification when a respondent's answers meet designated criteria for concern. Based on the scoring rubric you assign to your questions, you can flag answers for falling above, below or equal to a designated threshold. 
  • Response Visualizations - For surveys that have a scoring rubric, you'll see a bar graph showing the average composite score for responses collected each month. This gives you a quick snapshot of average scores over time. You can also see all of a member's survey responses directly from their profile page. That way you can track changes in their answers over time.
  • Custom Survey Reminders - Increase your survey response rate by sending SMS reminders to your members. You can customize the message that is sent, and turn reminders on or off for each survey you create.

Additional Improvements:

  • When Android users join a Zoom event or telehealth appointment, there is a delay between the time they tap Join and when the video call loads. This was causing confusion for members who would then back out of the call thinking it wasn't connected. We've added a pop up message to confirm the connection was successful and instruct members to wait for the call to fully load. 
  • We've added instructions to appointment cards to help members with their audio and video settings. These instructions can help them better prepare for their telehealth

Resolved Bugs

  • Unread notification count resets when notification list is opened

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