January 2021 Product Update

New Features

Personalized Home Experience: 

  • 'For You' Tab - This new default home screen gives a personalized experience to help each member find the information most important to them. You'll have immediate access to:
    • upcoming events
    • your appointments 
    • any pending surveys or assessments you've been assigned
    • your private message threads
    • resources curated by team admins
  • Home Category for Resource Content - As an admin, you can now post Resources (videos, articles, podcasts, etc) directly to the home page for greater visibility. Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Content, then either add a new Resource or edit an existing one. Under the Category heading, mark the checkbox for 'Home'. 
  • 'Community' Tab - This is the stream as you have always known it. Members can still post, add comments or reactions, and provide peer support in the same ways as before. 

Salesforce Integration:

  • Connect the app to your Salesforce CRM to automate invitations for your patients, alumni or family members. 
  • The integration requires an Enterprise level Salesforce account or above. 

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