Automated Private Messaging Best Practices

Automated private messages are a way to automate engaging with your members at different intervals since they've joined the app.

Why send Auto PMs?

  • They are an opportunity to set expectations for what members can expect in the app.
  • They add a personal touch to the members' experience as they are sent directly from an admin of your account in a personal message.
  • They trigger private message notifications to bring members back to the app.

Suggested cadence:

  • Message 1: Welcome them to the app. (1 day after joining)
    • Suggested Text - Welcome to the [Insert Facility Name] app made just for [Insert Team Name]. It’s important to us that we stay in touch with you, help you celebrate your milestones and provide support along the way. If at anytime you need help, you can reach out via private message or give us a call. We’re so glad you’re here.
  • Message 2: Reach out to check in and ask them if they've set a Milestone to track their recovery. (7 days after joining) 
    • Suggested Text - Hey! Just stopping by to see if you've set a Milestone yet to track your recovery? You can set it to be public or private. If you set it to public we're all able to celebrate with you 🎉 Let me know if you have questions about setting it up.

Note: when sending a cadence of multiple private messages from the same admin, the cadence will discontinue for a member if they respond at any time. This is to prevent sending pre-scheduled messages in the middle of a conversation with a member.

Other ideas for Auto PMs:

  • Send your members a simple reminder that you're there easily reached via private message if they need anything. 
  • Ask members to post a public gratitude. 
  • Challenge members to share something-- a resource that has helped them, something that's recently inspired them, etc.
  • Personalize your messages by attaching an image or utilizing emojis. 

Pro Tip: Take the time to personalize your messages for optimal effectiveness. For example, if you send surveys or assessments in your app mention that in your initial message to prepare your members for what's to come and increase response rates.

Learn how to implement Automated Private Messages here.

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