One question that our customers ask us is about what type of content they should post to the CaredFor encouragement stream. Alumni event reminders and recovery blog posts are a good start, but there are many other types of content that your alumni would find very useful.

Places: Snap some photos of special places on campus. This could be a piece of artwork that symbolizes hope and healing, a bench overlooking a fountain or a special quote as you enter your facility. We all have these special places on campus that bring back memories for our alumni.

People: Look around and soak up all of the unique staff members on campus. Everyone from therapists and gardeners to food service workers have made an impact on your alumni. Take a photo of your “legacy” staff members and ask them why they are working at the treatment center. Bonus points if you treatment center has a couple of four legged friends!

Traditions: We all have traditions that happen on campus and these traditions become part of the treatment experience for your alumni. Identifying and sharing these traditions with your alumni provides a sense of belonging and comfort.

This type of content is very easy to create and makes a huge impact on your alumni. Try it a few times and watch the likes and comments pour in.

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