You can access the surveys by going to menu > dashboard > surveys. Here you’ll be presented with all the currently active surveys. To add a new survey, just tap the green + New Survey button in the top right corner and select Create Survey in the drop down menu.

When creating a survey you’ll be prompted for:

  • Survey title - The name you would like to give the survey
  • Short call-to-action message - This short message will be included in the stream and notification sent to the user.
  • Insert First Name - This will personalize the survey notification and stream post by including the name of the user taking the survey. Anywhere you see “%first_name%” will be replaced with the user's first name.
  • Short Instructional Message - Once the user opens the survey this will be the short instructions they will see before taking the survey.
  • Add media - Below the short instructional message you will see a camera icon and a link icon. Here you can click each to attach images or links to further personalize your survey. 

Question Types - The system supports multiple question types. Below is a listing of those questions and how they're used.

  • Multiple choice - You can define up to 5 options for the user to select from in an expanded list. “Yes” or “No” is a typical use case for this question type.
  • Picklist - If you have a longer list of options (greater than 5) use the picklist question type.
  • Scale - The scale question type allows you to set a max and min value along with an icon (happy/sad, thumbs up/down, or arrow up/down) to a given question. Typical questions include “Rate your mood” or “Would you recommend Holistic Wellness to someone seeking treatment?”
  • Open Ended - Some questions require a longer text response. The open ended question type allows you to ask your audience to provide more detailed responses for a given question.

After you create a question select “done” to be taken back to the survey management page. From the survey management page you can create additional questions or order your current questions. Once you’ve added all the desired questions click the “save” button and you’ll be taken back to the list of active surveys.

Important Notes:

You can edit a survey up to the start time of the survey by selecting the “edit” icon.

If the survey has already started you have the option to stop the survey by selecting the “stop” icon. Stopping a survey will close it from being viewed and completed by additional users.

After a survey has been completed you can export a file which contains all the responses for the survey. This includes the name and email address for all the users. Only one survey can be active at a time for a given group of users.

When a survey becomes active, users will receive a notification (email or push) prompting them to complete the survey. From the stream page or the menu, users can access any active surveys.

We have a robust library of sample survey questions. Email us at to have this feature turned on in your app. 

Our library includes survey questions tailored for:

  • Outcomes Collection
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Family Satisfaction
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Admissions
  • Wellness

What's next?

Export survey results.

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