New Features:

  • Zoom webinars to host virtual events - As you know we are integrated with Zoom for telehealth sessions but we now are also integrated with Zoom webinars. Many of our clients host monthly education sessions or virtual alumni meetings via Zoom. Now these webinars can be facilitated directly from the app without your users needing any additional apps or software.
  • Ability to disable Contingency Management at team level - i.e. family team, etc.
  • GAD-7 added to assessment library
  • Survey results reworked - Survey results will now download in order of completion. A column was added on the csv to display when a survey was completed. Multiple choice/picklist/scale answers are now also displayed in a separate column from comments on those same questions - making averaging results easier.
  • Updated recovery milestones - Admins will now see a list of users who have updated recovery milestones giving you more insight into potential relapse episodes.

It is important to note that if you have not created an Apple Developer Account for your organization, you are unable to utilize these newly released features until your Apple Developer Account has been created.


  • Announcements still showing in menu
  • Users cannot flag a post without a reason
  • Visibility of events - events more than 2 weeks away were not being displayed 
  • Milestones - unable to create a milestone by accessing menu > profile > milestones

We are skipping the admin webinar for December - as it falls on Christmas Eve but we'll resume the webinars in January. Join us then to learn more about new features and answer any questions you have about the app.

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