New Features:

  • New welcome screens - New users will now experience a more interactive welcome experience that will guide them through setting up their profile, posting their first post, and educate them about app content. This is a limited release to a subset of customers and will be rolled out as part of our major release in Q3.
  • Notifications - Notification preferences were updated to allow users to disable push notifications for events, as well as to allow users to manage their email notification preferences when not in the app. 
  • Administration of Telehealth Sessions - Added the ability for administrators to export in CSV format past telehealth appointments. Facilities may use this data for auditing purposes, review of patient attendance, or for billing purposes. With the introduction of this new feature, we also added in additional permissions, where administrators may only view appointments where they are assigned as the provider. Super administrators may still see all appointments. 


  • When a users adds a milestone for the first time, it is no longer listed as a potential relapse.
  • Content stream now refreshes when a post is deleted.
  • Removed "appointments" option in menu for apps that do not have this feature enabled.
  • Post button disappearing when a URL is pasted into a message on Android devices.
  • Settings button to delete notes is now available on iOS devices.
  • Family teams will no longer see "left treatment" as a profile field option.

Coming Soon:

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