Advice and answers from the CaredFor Team

Getting Started

Resources & best practices for launching your app

15 articles

Referral Tracking

Resources for managing referrals at your organization.

3 articles

Member Management

Invitations, member profiles, contact lists & access levels

17 articles

Content Management

Develop, create, and edit your app's content & resources

21 articles


Create & manage your in-person or virtual events

11 articles

Surveys & Assessments

Outcomes measurement, survey automation & treatment work

10 articles

Appointments & Telehealth

Appointment reminders & Zoom details for telehealth sessions

12 articles

Integrations & Add-ons

Zoom, Contingency Management & EHR Integrations

8 articles

Product Updates

Product updates, release notes & how to request a new feature

21 articles

End User Experience

Resources & how-to videos for non-admin members

19 articles