Meetings vs. Webinars for Virtual Events

The Zoom integration gives you the option of hosting your event as a Meeting or Webinar. These options offer similar features and functionality, but there are some key differences to consider when deciding between the two.

Level of Attendee Interaction

Zoom meetings are designed to be collaborative events where all participants can easily participate in discussion. These are great for medium to large-sized events where you want to encourage open conversation among the group. Meeting attendees can:

  • Turn on/off their own video and audio (the meeting host can mute/request to unmute participants)
  • Share their screen
  • See the list of all other participants

Webinars on the other hand, use a more formal structure with hosts/panelists and view-only attendees. These are ideal for large audiences that do not interact with one another, and typically have only one or a few people talking. Attendees are provided with other, more controlled ways to interact.

  • Only the host and designated panelists can mute/unmute their own audio. Attendees' video and audio are turned off by default; they can request to be unmuted by the host by tapping the 'raise hand' option.
  • Only the host and panelists can share their screen and see the list of participants.
  • Instead of speaking, attendees can post their questions in the Q&A window.

Capacity & Cost

The number of attendees allowed for both meetings and webinars depends on your organization's Zoom license.


  • The cost for meetings is included in your subscription fee, with the option for a large meeting add-on.
  • Up to 100 participants with a free license; up to 1,000 depending on the level of your paid plan.


  • Webinar functionality is a paid add-on that requires a Pro level subscription, or higher.
  • 100 - 10,000 depending on your license.

For a full list of feature differences between Zoom meetings and webinars, check out Zoom's comparison chart.

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