Implementation / Testing Virtual Events

Before implementing virtual events with app users, be sure you have reviewed all training materials about use of the feature and complete at least one test virtual event.

To create a test virtual event, first create a contact list.

  • Start by accessing the menu > contact list.
  • Tap "+ New List"
  • Give the contact list a name (Example - Test Virtual Events)
  • Tap the green icon next to "recipients" and choose at least one staff member who has a profile on the app and can help you test virtual events. 

Next, create your test event and publish it to the contact list you created above. You can choose either a Virtual Webinar or Virtual Meeting for your test event.

Start the event from, and have the selected staff member join from the Event section of the app.

Test audio and video capabilities to be sure you are familiar with the controls available inside of Zoom.

If you have any questions, reach out to our team at

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