Automated Private Messages for New Members

Automated Private Messages are a way to give new members a personal touch after joining that helps them feel welcomed while introducing the functionality to reach out to admins through private messages. Some app administrators include any community guidelines or guidance on how members should utilize the app.

How to Create an Automated Private Message

  • Navigate Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Dashboard (mobile only) > Automated Private Messages
  • Tap + New Message to automate a new message.
  • Select with Team the message is meant for.
  • Select which Admin the message will be sent from.
  • Fill in the message.
    • Suggested text: Welcome to the [Insert Facility Name] app made just for [Insert Team Name]. It’s important to us that we stay in touch with you, help you celebrate your milestones and provide support along the way. If at anytime you need help, you can reach out via private message or give us a call. We’re so glad you’re here.
  • There is the option to include an image.
  • Fill in how many days after the member has joined you want the message to be sent to them, or else the default of 1 will remain.
  • Tap Save.

You can create multiple private messages for different teams, or multiple message for the same teams that send to them at different intervals.

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