Member Profile

A member's profile includes a wide range of data to help admins engage with app members more effectively. Admins can always see:

  • the member's full name
  • profile photo
  • display name
  • pronouns
  • email address
  • phone number
  • street address
  • intentions they set during registration

When configured for the member's team, admins can also see:

  • the member's name used in treatment (if different from their current name)
  • associated friend or family member name (for members joining a family team)
  • birthday (month and day)
  • company
  • position
  • left treatment at date

Note: When a member looks at someone else's profile, they do not see all this information. They will only see the member's display name, photo, and the previous posts they've made.

Additionally, admins can initiate Private Messages directly from a member's profile via the Send a Message button or initiate a phone call by clicking on the member's phone number.

Further down in the profile, admins can:

  • View a member's Milestone Recovery Counter
  • Survey + Form responses
  • Account & Permissions information
  • Engagement Stats
  • Write or read any Notes on that member (notes are restricted to admins, members cannot view their own notes)
  • Edit Profile fields on behalf of the member
  • Edit Settings, including deleting the members account or setting their notification preferences

Super Admins also have the ability to change a members password on their behalf from the member profile.

All Contingency Management data for that member will be seen if this premium feature is enabled for your organization, including Rewards Earned.

Lastly, all the member's posts can be viewed in succession. 

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