Contact Lists

Contact Lists can be used to segment a smaller group of app users. Admins can use Contact Lists to send targeted surveys, content, and private messages.

Creating a Contact List

  • Navigate to the ≡ Menu > Contact Lists.
  • Tap + New List.
  • The Create Contact List form will pop up.
  • Tap the green Person Plus Sign Icon
  • The Add Members screen will pop up.
  • Name your group something you and your fellow admins will be able to differentiate easily in the future.
  • Add members by either:
    • Searching individual names using the Search Box.
    • Scrolling the list and checking the box by the names of the members you want added.
  • When you're done selecting members, tap the green Select button in the upper right hand corner to finalize your Contact List.
  • Once the Contact List is created, it will show up as an option when:
    • Publishing content
    • Sending an announcement
    • Starting a private message
    • Publishing a survey

Editing Or Deleting A Contact List

  • Navigate to the ≡ Menu > Contact Lists.
  • Tap the V shape on the right side beside the name of the Contact List > tap Edit or Delete.
  • After tapping Edit, the Update Contact List screen will pop up. You will have the option to add members by tapping the green Person Plus Sign Icon and searching or selecting who you'd like to add. Or you can remove members by selecting the Trash Can Icon by their name.
  • After tapping Delete, the Confirm Delete message will pop up. Tap Yes, Delete to finalize this action.  

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