Template Library

As part of our Premium Content package, CaredFor has developed a library of template surveys, clinical assessments and treatment work that can be added to your app. You can use a template as-is, or customize the questions to fit your specific needs. 

Our template Assessments include a built-in scoring rubric to facilitate outcomes collection.

  • BAM-R
  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7
  • NAATP Outcomes Survey

We have a variety of Surveys tailored for:

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Family Satisfaction
  • App Feedback/Satisfaction
  • Admissions
  • Post-telehealth Session Feedback

Our template Treatment Work covers topics like:

  • Grounding techniques
  • Breathing and other coping skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Skills around navigating relationships

Email us at support@caredfor.com to have any of our templates added to your app. 

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