View and Export Survey Reports

You can view individual responses from any device, but you can only export reports from the desktop site.  

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Surveys & Forms.
  • Tap the survey name from the main list to open the survey details page.
  • Scroll to the Responses section. Here you'll see a list of all survey respondents.
    • Tap a member name to view their individual response. If that member has completed the survey multiple times, you can tap the View Past Responses button to see their previous submissions.
  • Tap the Download Responses button to export all survey results. The exported .csv file contains the name and email address of each user who was assigned the survey, along will their response to the question(s) they completed.

Note: You can also view all of a member's survey responses from their profile page. Go to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Members and search for the member. Tap the Surveys & Assessments heading on their profile page to track their responses over time. 

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