App Launch Strategy

Creating a strategy to onboard your members is an important step of the launch process. This article explains the onboarding process recommended by our team.

Internal Launch 

This launch includes your immediate team and any other facility staff you'd like to have access to the app. Typically, we suggest you schedule a week for your internal launch. The main goals of this phase are to: 

  • Become familiar with the core app features. You want to make sure your team feels comfortable using the app before you go live.
  • Start posting content. You want the community stream to be full and active before launching to members. Start by adding resources, gratitude posts, respond to Topics, or add your own welcome message to the stream. 

Initial Ambassador Launch

Identify a small group of alumni or patient 'ambassadors' to invite to the app first (8 to 10 people usually works well). This soft launch is a great way to continue to add authentic, user-generated content to your app ahead of your full launch. Consider asking these members to engage in specific ways like, posting, responding to Topics, or commenting on other member posts. 

You can invite these members in two ways:

  • Provide a list of email addresses to the CaredFor team, and we can process the invitations for you. The email invitation will provide them with a link to download the app.
  • Send them the direct URL to your app when you ask them to participate as an ambassador. CaredFor can provide you with a this URL. Once the member downloads the app and completes the registration process, your admins will receive an "access request" notification. An admin must then approve their request to join the app.

Full Member Launch

Based on the progress and feedback from your initial ambassador launch, define a launch date for the remainder of your audience. CaredFor can process a bulk invitation list on your behalf. 

Ongoing Invitations

Once your app is live, you'll need an internal process to ensure all new members get invited to the app as they become eligible. Typically, if your app serves alumni, you'll want to send app invitations at the time of discharge. If your app is part of the patient experience during treatment, you'll invite those members during your admissions process.  

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