Onboarding Strategy

Creating a strategy to onboard your alumni is an important step of the launch process. This article explains the onboarding process recommended by our team.

Internal Launch - This launch includes your team or a select group of your team. During this phase you're able to become familiar with the app.

Initial Alumni Launch - Create a subset of your existing alumni and launch with them. You can launch with those alumni in two ways:

  • Provide a list of alumni email addresses to the CaredFor team. Our system will email those alumni with a message coming from you stating they've been invited to the app. The alumni will provide them with a link to download the app.
  • Share the URL to your app. CaredFor provides a "smart" URL for your app. When the URL is accessed on a mobile device, the user will be redirected to the app if it's installed or will be taken to the app store if the app isn't installed. Once the user downloads the app, they'll complete the registration process. As part of that registration process, your admins and team leads will receive a "request access" email. Once approved, the alumni will have access to the entire app.

Launch with your entire alumni group - Based on the progress and feedback from your initial alumni group launch, work to define a launch date for the remainder of your alumni. That launch process can use the workflows defined above.

Launch with "new" alumni - As alumni are completing treatment, onboard them with your CaredFor app. The aftercare or alumni coordinator has the ability to input and phone number or email which will create an invite for the alumni. That invite will give them instant access to the app.

What's next?

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