I'm worried about what users may post

This is a common question and one our team takes very seriously. We understand the importance of moderation and admin controls in your online community. The following features and safeguards are in for both the end user and the admin.

End user options:

  • Flag a post - The flag option will trigger an email to all team leaders allowing them to take action on a given post. To flag a post click the down arrow on the post > click report abuse. 
  • Block user - When selected, all posts from the blocked user will be hidden from the user who blocked them. To unfollow a user click the down arrow on the post > click unfollow.

Admin options:

  • Delete post - When selected, the post will be immediately removed from the stream. To delete a post click the down arrow on the post > click delete. 
  • Remove user - You have the option to remove a user from the team. Once selected, the user will no longer have access to the team. In order for them to regain access, you must invite them or approve a request for access. To remove a user from the menu click dashboard > view members > locate the desired user > change their permission from “member” to “none”.

Contact support@caredfor.com with any additional questions.

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