Tips For Transitioning From Facebook

Many of our clients have started their online alumni communities using a private or closed group on Facebook. This article outlines some best practices and strategies for migration from Facebook to CaredFor.

  • Seed your CaredFor app with content. No one wants to join an empty room. Make sure you've posted resources and authentic content. Our team will help you define and execute your content strategy.
  • Make sure your staff members have created accounts and are using your CaredFor app.
  • Identify the key alumni ambassadors on your Facebook group and personally reach out to them. That number will vary depending on the size of your group and their engagement. You want those alumni ambassadors to become advocates for your CaredFor app. Walk those users through the key features of the app, allow them to buy into the product and give them a voice in building your community.
  • Create a migration plan and communicate that to the Facebook group. This may include duplicate posting on your Facebook group for a period of time. The transition period should be no longer than 2 weeks.
  • Ask your alumni ambassadors to post to your Facebook group recommending fellow alumni to use your CaredFor app.
  • Make sure your Facebook group members know how to access the CaredFor app. Use the smart link from CaredFor which allows your alumni to access the one-click download of the app.
  • Post launch - Create an alumni advisory group where they can provide feedback on how to improve the experience. CaredFor can help structure those groups by proposing which types of questions to ask, how frequently to interact with the group, and how to manage expectations.
  • Post launch - All new alumni should join the CaredFor app, not the Facebook group.

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