Preparing for Your Telehealth Appointment

Prepare Your Space

Make sure you have a quiet, private place available for the duration of your telehealth appointment. It's also important for your chosen space to have a strong internet connection. Whether you join your appointment from your phone or laptop, you'll need a consistent connection for the appointment to run smoothly. 

You can test your internet speed if you're unsure of the reliability of your connection. We recommend having at least 5 mb/sec for both upload and download speeds. If you're getting lower than 2 mb/sec, we recommend finding an alternate location for your appointment.

Audio & Video Tips

  • Orient your seating so you have front-facing light. Try not to sit in front of windows that would create a lot of light behind you. 
  • If connecting by phone, try propping it up on a table so you don't have to hold it throughout the session.
  • Use headphones for better sound and privacy.

Bluetooth may unexpectedly switch between paired devices. For enhanced privacy and security, we recommend turning off Bluetooth before joining any telehealth session. If Bluetooth is required for your audio, we recommend unpairing any Bluetooth devices that aren't necessary.

Joining the Session

When it's time for your appointment to begin, you'll join the call directly from the app. Go to Main Menu > Appointments, locate the correct appointment and tap Join Now. You'll enter a virtual waiting room until your provider admits you to the session. 

If you have any difficulties joining your session, go to Main Menu > Technical Support to contact our support team.

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