Edit or Stop a Survey

Edit a Survey

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Surveys & Assessments.
  • Tap the survey title from the main list to open the survey details page.
  • Tap Config.

If the survey has already been sent:

  • You cannot edit the survey title or any survey questions.
  • You can edit:
    • Preview Text: This message is displayed to members in the stream. Tap into the Survey Preview box, make your edits, then tap Save.
    • Survey Not Complete Notifications: Check the checkbox on or off to start sending or stop sending reminder notifications to members who have not completed the survey. Tap Save

If the survey has NOT yet been sent, you can also edit:

  • Survey Title: Tap into the Survey Name box and make your edits. Tap Save.
  • Question and Answer Text: Tap the down arrow to the right of a question and select Delete or Edit. If editing, a new window will appear - make your changes and tap Done to save.

Stop a Survey

Once a survey has been sent, you can stop it before it's designated end time if needed.

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Surveys & Assessments.
  • Tap the survey title from the main list to open the survey details page.
  • Under the History heading, locate the active version and tap the down arrow on the right. 
  • Select End Survey. You will still have access to any responses that have already been submitted, but members will no longer see the survey as an option to complete.
  • If no responses have been collected yet, you can Delete that survey instance. The main survey framework, and any answers collected from previous iterations will not be deleted.

If you need to resend a survey: 

  • Locate the survey in the main survey list. 
  • Tap the down arrow to the right and select Send to Member or Send to Team.
  • Fill in the start and end time, select the member or team, and tap Save
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