Admin Notifications for Flagged Survey Responses

For surveys or assessments that use a scoring rubric, you can set up custom email notifications to alert you when a respondent's answers meet your criteria. This can help your team manage and prioritize follow up outreach. You can set up the notification to compare values against the composite score of the whole survey, or for an individual multiple choice question. 

Your account needs a special permission to be able to receive these email notifications. Reach out to our team at for assistance enabling this permission. 

To set up a notification, navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu > Surveys & Forms:

  • Tap the survey title from the main list to open the survey details page.
  • Tap Config
  • Next to the Notifications heading, tap the green + button
  • Fill in the configuration settings:
    • Event Type: This determines the type of comparison that will be flagged for the notification. You can flag a response for being Over, Under or Equal to the threshold value you want to compare against. 
    • Compare Value: Enter the threshold value you want to compare a member's response against. 
    • Question Answer Value: This is where you set the source of comparison. Choose composite score to compare the member's full survey score, or choose one of the multiple choice questions included in the survey. 
  • Tap Add to save. You can add as many notifications as necessary to flag the responses most valuable to your team. 
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