Create and Manage Telehealth Appointments as a Provider

To create a Telehealth appointment you need to be an Admin or Super Admin inside the app.

  • Navigate to the menu > dashboard > appointments
  • Click “+ New Appointment” > select the patient(s) who needs inviting to the session. 

Note: Typically telehealth sessions are 1-on-1 appointments but if you need to facilitate a “small group” session you can do so by inviting more than one patient to this telehealth appointment.

  • Change “Appointment Type” to Zoom Telehealth.
  • Choose the Provider - the person who will be facilitating the appointment.

Note: The list of available providers will be the people who have a Zoom Account ID configured on their user profile.

  • Choose the “Date”, “Time” and “Timezone” for the appointment.
  • Choose a “Location"
  • Choose an "Alternate Host" - this optional field will give a second administrator the ability to start the Zoom session.
  • Populate the “Meeting ID” by tapping the green “+” button.
  • Tap “Create”.
  • If you need to edit or delete the appointment, you can do so via the down arrow next to the corresponding appointment.
  • The patient will receive text message reminders leading up to the appointment.

If you have any questions, reach out to our team at

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