Contingency Management

Contingency Management is a system to reward users for staying active in the app and in their recovery. Members earn points by engaging in the community, which they can then redeem for a reward.

Defining Rewards

As an administrator, you can define rewards. We've created the rewards system to accommodate both prizes of "recognition" and physical prizes. 

On the rewards page of the dashboard, you can enter information about the reward including an image, description, inventory, and weight. The weight of the prize determines its probability of being selected when users redeem their points.

You can also create prizes that are only published to specific teams at your facility.

Earning Points

As members engage in activity within the app, they'll earn points. Activities such as tracking recovery progress, supporting others, and sharing updates all earn points. In real-time, members can see their points increase along with a tracker for when they can redeem those points. See below for a full list of how members can earn points. 

How Members Earn Points: 

  • 60 Points
    • Posting quality content (10 or more reactions on their post)
    • Setting a milestone date
    • Posting content that generated comments from others (7 or more comments on their post)
  • 50 Points
    • Creating their first post
    • Reaching a major milestone
  • 40 Points
    • Completing a survey
    • Attending a Telehealth session
    • Completing treatment work
    • Creating their account
    • Sharing their milestone in the app
  • 30 points
    • Joining a topic conversation
    • Resetting their milestone date including making it public
    • Starting a private message conversation
    • First perfect engagement week
    • Sharing gratitude via the gratitude journal
  • 20 points
    • Sharing a new post
    • Adding a profile image
    • Adding additional information to their profile
    • Commenting on a post
  • 10 points
    • Perfect engagement week
    • Reaching a milestone
    • RSVPing to an event
  • 1 point
    • Reacting to a post

Redeeming Points

Once the member has earned the required points, they can redeem them for a reward. Once those points are redeemed, the member will see the rewards appear in an animation on the screen and based on the inventory and probability, a prize will be selected. The member will then have the option to share that prize in the stream.

Admins have the ability to see a transaction log of all prizes earned so they can notify users who've earned physical prizes.

During the setup process, our team will work with you to determine the number of points needed to redeem for a reward, as well as the initial inventory of rewards.

To have Contingency Management enabled in your app, contact your Account Manager.

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