Salesforce Integration: Automate Invitations

Our Salesforce Integration automates invitations to the app based on criteria set up on a per client basis via Salesforce.

The integration automatically processes pertinent information related to a user, including - 

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Patient identifying number 
  • Admission and discharge date

As a result, customers who use the integration can expect - 

  • Minimal need for manual invitations 
  • Staff can now spend time having more meaningful interactions, rather than completing invitations
  • Fewer missed invitations
  • Reduced human error (missed invitations, mis-entered information)
  • Broader use of app features, including cadence of surveys based off admission or discharge date

To access this integration, your organization must be using the Enterprise level of Salesforce.

To get started, reach out to

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