Suspend a Member

If a member is violating your community guidelines, you may need to suspend their access to the app. 

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Members.
  • Search for the person, then tap their name to open their profile page. 
  • Tap Accounts & Permissions.
  • Tap the Suspend User button; a pop up will appear.
  • Select a reason for suspending the member, then tap Suspend User.

This will remove the member from all teams, and log them out of the app. If they attempt to open the app, they'll see a screen notifying them that their account has been suspended. They will not be able to see or interact with any other part of your app. 

To Grant Access Back to The App:

If you want to let a suspended member back into the app: 

  • Follow the same steps above to open their profile page. 
  • Tap Accounts & Permissions. Their status will say Suspended.
  • Tap the Revoke Suspension button; a pop up will appear - Add them back to the appropriate team
  • Confirm your action by tapping Revoke Suspension
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