Manage App Community Guidelines

As a Super Admin, you can add custom community guidelines to your app. Each new user will have to agree to these guidelines when they join the app. To create your guidelines:

  •  Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Community Guidelines.
  • Tap + New Guideline.
  • Enter a title and description for the guideline. 
    • Example: "No Inappropriate Language (title) - Be mindful of appropriate language, including oversharing and triggering comments. (description)"
  • Under Applies to, select the appropriate team (Select All Teams if the same guidelines apply to all your app members).
  • Tap Create
  • Keep adding additional guidelines as needed. All guidelines assigned to a team will be displayed to members as a single list when they are asked to agree. 

New members will see and agree to these guidelines when they first join the app. Existing members will see a pop up the next time they log in asking them to agree to the updated community guidelines. 

Optional Reminder for Posts

You can set up a separate guidelines reminder that will appear whenever a member creates a new post. 

  • Follow the steps above to access the Community Guidelines page.
  • Tap the gear icon in the top right. 
  • Enter the reminder text you want displayed to members when they post. (The same text is displayed to members of all teams). 
  • Tap Save
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