Manage App Community Guidelines

As a Super Admin, you can add custom community guidelines to your app. Each new user will have to agree to these guidelines when they join the app. To create your guidelines:

  •  Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Community Guidelines.
  • Tap + New Guideline.
  • Enter a title and description for the guideline. 
    • Example: "No Inappropriate Language (title) - Be mindful of appropriate language, including oversharing and triggering comments. (description)"
  • Under Applies to, select the appropriate team (Select All Teams if the same guidelines apply to all your app members).
  • Tap Create
  • Keep adding additional guidelines as needed. All guidelines assigned to a team will be displayed to members as a single list when they are asked to agree. 

New members will see and agree to these guidelines when they first join the app. Existing members will see a pop up the next time they log in asking them to agree to the updated community guidelines. 

Optional Reminder for Posts

You can set up a separate guidelines reminder that will appear whenever a member creates a new post. 

  • Follow the steps above to access the Community Guidelines page.
  • Tap the gear icon in the top right. 
  • Enter the reminder text you want displayed to members when they post. (The same text is displayed to members of all teams). 
  • Tap Save

Sample Community Guidelines

You can use these sample guidelines as a starting point to further customize as needed.

Respect group confidentiality. 

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. What you see here, stays here.

This is a non-judgment environment. 

We’re all in this together to create a welcoming, safe environment. Please be kind and supportive and remember: everyone’s recovery is different.

No bullying, self-hate, or negativity. 

If you see others misusing the app with posts of this sort, please report it. From the downward-facing triangle on any post, you can report abuse, and the administrators will review it. You can also block other members using this tool.  

Be mindful of appropriate language.

This includes oversharing and triggering comments. If you feel like the topic you are sharing is potentially triggering, please include a warning in your post. Be advised that we cannot control all individual triggers. 

Content Disclaimer. 

We reserve the right to remove any content that is not conducive to a supportive environment.

Agree to get help if struggling.

If you feel you are in an emergency situation, please seek help immediately by dialing 911 to contact your local authorities for assistance. 

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