Reporting App Success to Your Leadership Team - Best Practices

Admins should utilize reports to regularly update leadership on the apps alignment with business goals. Regular presentations allow leadership to see the return on their investment and allow admins to spotlight the work their department is doing.

menu > dashboard > reports 

The frequency of updates to your leadership may vary based on your organization but we recommend updating leadership at least quarterly. When building a presentation for leadership, be sure to tie metrics and anecdotal information about the app back to business goals. Below we’ve outlined the most common business goals and what metrics align with each.

  • Goal - Increase referrals and readmissions
    • Anecdotally, share stories about using the apps features to proactively engage members in the readmission or referral process.
    • If you’re able, pull a report with the number of referrals from alumni or the number of alumni who readmitted for the time period you’re highlighting.
    • Features to highlight - private messages, potential relapse, disengaged user, user posts asking for help
    • Be sure to highlight the specific features you leverage most to help facilitate referrals and readmissions.
  • Goal - Nurture relationships with alumni post-discharge
    • Highlight the number of private messages exchanged and be sure leadership understands that these are messages between facility and member to help demonstrate your teams efforts to engage and nurture relationships.
    • Your leadership team may also be interested in the number of logins, comments, posts, and/or reactions. Be sure you highlight these in a way that demonstrates how logins, posts, etc. contribute to a healthy community and keep members engaged longer term.
    • Surfacing the percentage of users who track their milestones inside the app is another key metric your leadership should be aware of. Keep in mind that we typically see about 60% of applicable members track their recovery inside the app. This metric is important, as it demonstrates the “stickiness” of the product. We know that members who track their recovery inside your branded app login with greater frequency and use the app longer term than members who do not track their recovery inside the app.
    • You may also highlight the number of events your team has hosted for the given time period. If the app has helped increase attendance to those events, be sure to note that here.
  • Goal - Collect outcomes data
    • If you’re using the app to collect outcomes data your leadership team will be interested to know what the completion rate of those surveys has been. Also be sure to highlight any key findings from the surveys.
    • If you are using surveys in a less clinical way, for example, asking about app satisfaction or overall wellness, there may also be key takeaways that are helpful to share with your leadership team.
  • Goal - Increase patient retention
    • If you’re able, pull a report from your patient record to show pre and post patient retention numbers. How has the app impacted patients remaining in treatment for longer periods of time?
  • Other metrics to highlight
    • Pre vs. post feature implementation
      • If you recently implemented a new feature, like Contingency Management, spotlight any increases in logins, posts, comments, or reactions to demonstrate the features impact on member engagement. 
    • Pre vs. post integration implementation
      • If you recently implemented an integration, like Zoom or Salesforce, be sure to show any increases in event RSVP's or attendance and any increase in invitations.
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