App Management Strategy

There are a few key admin activities that are critical to the ongoing success of your app. It's important that you and your team have processes in place to proactively make time to manage these activities.

We'll focus on 4 key management areas and the admin tasks that fall under each:

Membership Growth

Key admin actions:

  • Invite new members - We recommend building this step into either your intake or discharge planning processes. 
  • Manage access requests - It's ideal to approve valid requests within 24-48 hours. If you take too long to respond to access requests, you risk that member losing excitement about the app and they may not fully engage after being approved.
  • Promote the app - It's helpful to talk about your app community with clients early and often. When members understand the value and expectations of the app, they're more likely to join when they receive their invitation. Encourage other staff to highlight the app when appropriate. For example, your admissions team can highlight the app as part of your aftercare program when talking with potential clients.

Authentic Engagement

Key admin actions:

  • Respond to member posts - It's important that admins are visible in the community stream by commenting on or reacting to member posts. This helps members feel seen and builds an overall community of support. 
  • Share authentic posts - This could be a gratitude journal post or simply sharing something that inspired or challenged you this week. By sharing your own posts, you can set an example for how you want members to engage in the community. 

Program-Specific Material

Key admin actions:

  • Create content - These are the various Resources (articles, videos, etc) and FAQs that you want to share with members. You'll create these from your Admin Dashboard and post them as the facility, not from your personal profile. 
  • Add your program events - Post your facility events or community events that you want to promote. 

Success Evaluation

Key admin actions:

  •  Review activity reports - Build a habit of reviewing your monthly app activity report. This can help you monitor trends and inform any adjustments you might want to make to your engagement strategies.
  • Get feedback from your members - Consider sending a feedback survey to members once or twice a year to help you understand what's working well and where there's room for improvement. CaredFor has template feedback surveys available, or you can build your own. 

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