Invite Members via .csv Upload

Creating Your .csv File

  1. Download this template spreadsheet: CaredFor_Invitations_Template.xlsx
  2. Enter your invitation data following the guidelines listed below.
  3. Export the sheet and save it as a .csv file. Then follow the instructions below for uploading the .csv into your app.

Guidelines for formatting your data:

  • Do not edit any column headings. Do not reorder any columns. Do not add or remove any columns.
  • Facility Handle and Team are both required columns.
    • If you don't know your facility handle, contact our tech support team.
    • The Team name you enter must be identical to how the team name is written in your app, including capitalization, spaces and special characters. You can confirm how your team names are configured in the app by going to Menu > Dashboard > Team Settings.
  • Every row must have either an email or phone number.
    • If you have an email and phone number for the same person, enter everything in the same row.
  • External ID, began_treatment and left_treatment are all optional fields.
    • If you include any treatment dates, they must be formatted as yyyy-mm-dd.
  • The .csv sheet can include a maximum of 150 rows. If you have more invitations than that to send, save them as separate .csv files. A maximum of 5 files can be uploaded to the app per day (for a total of 750 invitations per day).

Contact Tech Support for any additional questions:

Uploading Your .csv Into the App

Please note, only Super Admins have access to import invitations via .csv.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Members.
  2. Click the green +Invite button and select Import from CSV.
  3. Click Choose File and select the .csv you exported earlier.
  4. Click Send.
  5. You should receive a confirmation message when the file has processed. For a final confirmation, click on the 'Invitations' tab of the Members page to view the most recent invitations processed. These should show the date/time that you uploaded your file.
  6. If you receive an error message, revisit the guidelines above to ensure your .csv file was formatted correctly. If you've confirmed the file is correct but still receive an error, please contact our tech support team.
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