Export a Member Data Report

To ensure protection of PHI stored in the app, the permission to export member data is not readily available to all Admins. This permission must be assigned on an individual basis, and is typically addressed during your initial app implementation. To make changes to which team members have this access, please reach out to your CaredFor Account Manager or our support team.

Please note: this report cannot be viewed in the app, it must be downloaded as a .csv file from the web version of the app. 

To export the Member Data Report:

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Reports
  • Click +New Report.
  • Use the drop down menu to select User Data Export as the report type. 
  • Select your desired team. 
  • Optional: Mark the checkbox if you want suspended and deleted users included in your export.
    • Note: Deleted users are held in a 'pending deletion' status for 60 days, after which their data is permanently purged from the database. Only those in this 'pending deletion' status will appear on your export. 
  • Click Generate Report
    • You will be redirected to the main Reports page. While your report is processing, you'll see a Pending status. 
  • Once the report is fully processed, click the drop down arrow to the right and select Download
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