October 2022 Release Notes

New Registration Process

A new experience is replacing the existing account registration page.

What's changed?
The app landing page for all members will look a little different, but existing members can select 'Sign In' from this page to access the current login page.

What happens now?
All registering members will be required to confirm their identity via a verification code.

  • Invitations: All invitations to the app will include a unique code that the member will enter when accepting their invitation.
  • Access Requests: If a member is registering as an access request, once they create their account they will be sent a verification code, which they will be required to provide to complete their registration.

If the member misplaces their code, they will be able to request a new code directly from the registration window. All codes will be valid for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, the member will need to request a new code.

If a facility has mapped any use cases to their teams, members will be able to self-identify their reason for joining the app and be mapped to one of those teams where appropriate. Members will also be able to set intentions and capture additional information about themselves while registering, all of which will be viewable by an admin via the member's profile.

Watch last month's admin webinar recording for a walkthrough of the new registration process.

Register a Member Directly
The new registration process includes receiving a unique verification code via email or SMS. For members that do not have access to their personal email or phone while in a program, we have added a feature that allows admins to create an account on behalf of a member. From the Dashboard> Members> Invitations page there will now be a new option, 'Register a Member', where the admin will capture the required member information to create an account on their behalf. Upon the member's first login, they will be prompted to update their password to ensure account security.

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