December 2022 Release Notes

This is a summary of updates and enhancements released the week of December 12, 2022. 

Knowledge Base
All admins and super admins will be able to open the CaredFor Knowledge Base directly from the main menu in the app.

Contingency Management (CM)
When a member spins to win and wins a prize that has been identified as a physical prize, the member will be required to enter their mailing address if they do not already have one on file. If an address already exists for the member, they will have the opportunity to review the existing address and update it as needed. The member home address is currently located on the member's profile, but we will be adding this information to the CM transactions report in an upcoming release.

Contacting Members
Admins and super admins will be able to click on a member's phone number to initiate a phone call with that member.

Member invitation codes will expire 7 days from when the invitation was sent. Verification codes for access requests and any new code requests for lost or forgotten verification codes will continue to expire after 24 hours.

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