February 2023 Release Notes

This is a summary of updates and enhancements released the week of Feb 6, 2023. 

The invitation code provided in a member's original invitation can now be reused on the Confirm Your Invitation page, as long as the code has not expired and the registering member has not requested a new code or created their account. This prevents from the member from having to request a new code if they leave the app mid-registration and come back later.

Also, invitation codes are now valid for 8 days from the day the invitation was sent, increased from 7 days previously. As a reminder, codes received via the "look up your invitation" function will still only be good for 24 hours.

Email templates for invitations and invitation reminders have a new and improved look!

As a note, Email Header and Email Sub-Head on Invitation Message, Initial Invitation Reminder, and Final Invitation Reminder will no longer be configurable by an organization via the Dashboard> Notification Messages page.

Contingency Management
Members will now be prompted to enter their mailing address if they win an Instant Win physical prize. This is similar to the prompt they receive when winning a Spin to Win physical prize.

Admin Dashboard
The Daily Summary has been relocated to the top of the list when viewing the admin dashboard on a mobile device for quick review of key information.

Zoom Integrations
We have completed Zoom software package updates affecting clients leveraging the Zoom integration. We will be implementing these updates individually for each client and will alert your team as that occurs:

  • Host Zoom Settings
    Appointments and events created directly in the app will use the host's Zoom settings. This means if the Host does not have waiting rooms enabled in their Zoom settings, the meeting generated via the app will not put guests into a waiting room upon joining.

  • Virtual Backgrounds
    Virtual backgrounds are no longer supported by the integration when joining an appointment or event directly from the app. If a host or guest requires the use of a virtual background we recommend copying the meeting information from the appointment or event and joining directly in Zoom.

  • Mobile Device Settings
    When a meeting host or guest has joined a Zoom session via the app on their mobile device and they minimize their app while in the meeting, they will remain in the meeting, but their audio will automatically be muted and their video will be turned off.

Contact Us
The email field on the Contact Us page is now actionable. Upon clicking the email field, a new email to the displayed email address will open.

Registration Wizard
We have changed the location of the "X" in the top left corner of the registration wizard to improve functionality across all device types.

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