Referral Tracking - Getting Started

To enable referrals at your facility, you will first need to contact your Account Manager.

What We Need From You

Members will not be required to select a team when sending a referral invitation. All referral invitations will be created for a default team of your facility's choosing. This allows you to post content specific to referred members and keeps this population separate from current members.

We will need you to identify which team you would like to have your referral invitations sent to. If none of your existing teams are appropriate, we are happy to create a new "Referrals" team in your app.

We highly recommend that the community function be disabled on the referrals team, which allows referred members to only consume information from and communicate with the facility. This also prevents admins from having to moderate an additional stream of individuals your facility may not be familiar with.

Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to configure referral notifications.

Configuring Referral Notifications

Super Admins have the ability to:

  • Customize the invitation messaging that is sent to referred members
  • Set up notifications that can be sent to the facility each time a referral is sent by a member

To configure, navigate to Dashboard> Facility Information> Referral Settings

Email Addresses

In this section, you can identify an email address at your facility that should be notified whenever a referral is made for each of the listed referral reasons.

The email address listed in each field can be the same or different. If you do not wish to receive a notification when a referral is sent you can simply leave the field blank.

Enter your email addresses and save.

Referral Invitation Messages

We have provided default messaging for every referral invitation message, but you may choose to configure any or all of the messages for each referral reason:

  • Email Initial Invitation (the email invitation sent when a member makes a referral)
  • Email Invitation Reminder (the reminder sent on days 1 & 3 if the invitation has not been accepted)
  • Email Final Reminder (the reminder sent on day 8 if the invitation has not been accepted)
  • SMS (the text message invitation sent when a member makes a referral)

Note: SMS invitations are only sent once. No additional reminders are sent if the referred member does not accept.

Each email field has a text box that appears both above and below the "Use the following unique code..." message. Text entered above the code message will appear in the beginning of the email and the text entered below will appear after the code message.

Note: "Use the following unique...X days." message is not configurable. This will appear by default in every email invitation message so long as the referred member has not requested a new code.

Once you have made your changes, don't forget to save.

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