Managing Referrals

Viewing Referrals

When referrals are enabled at your facility, the Dashboard> Members page will include a Referrals Tab.

On the Referrals tab, Admins and Super Admins can view:

  • A list of all the referrals that have been made at your facility
  • The referral status and associated timestamp
  • Where the referral was sent to (email address or phone number)

You can click on an item in the list to view additional details:

Search the list for a specific referral

Filter the list by the referral status

Deleting Referrals

There are two different ways to delete a pending referral:

  • The dropdown menu on the list item
  • Selecting an item on the list to open the additional details, which includes a button to Delete Referral

Note: Deleting a referral will remove it from the My Referrals list for the member that made the referral. The referring member will NOT be notified when you delete a referral that they have made.

Referrals Reporting

For Super Admins and those with the View Analytics permission, a Referrals Report is available via Dashboard> Reports.

Select Referral Report> Generate Report.

The report will include all of the referrals data at the facility.

Once the report generates, download the CSV via the drop down menu.

The status column for a record may include a FailedI or FailedU status.

  • FailedI = a referral was attempted for someone who already has an existing invitation
  • FailedU = a referral was attempted for someone who is already an existing member

For those with Export User Data permission, the User Data Export will indicate if a user is a referral via the following fields:

  • Referred By
  • Referred On
  • Referral Reason
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