August 2023 Release Notes

This release notification is a summary of new updates & enhancements that are now live in the CaredFor app.

Personal Posts

When making a "What's On Your Mind?" post, you can now multi-select the teams you want to publish your post to.

Gratitude Journal

Several improvements have been made, which include: the ability to delete any entry you have authored, the ability for administrators to make any public gratitude journal entry private, and better visibility when an image is being uploaded on an entry.


When an mp4 file is added to an entry, the author will now have the option to select a preview image that will display on the stream and the Explore library. Accepted preview image formats will include: jpeg, png, and gif.


The Surveys & Assessments feature has been renamed to Surveys & Forms, and menu labels have been updated. 

All existing functions of the Surveys & Assessments feature remain available. Also, admins can now create and send forms in addition to surveys from Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu > Surveys & Forms.

The bug that was preventing members from viewing their previous survey responses via their profile has been resolved. 

Community Moderation

When a post, comment, or profile is flagged, an email notification will be sent to all super administrators at the facility and all administrators of the team(s) the flagged individual is on. This email notification replaces the notification that was previously being sent to the CaredFor support team.

Facilities will no longer receive a message from CaredFor support about their flagged items. All flagged items can be viewed and triaged by the facility on the Community Moderation page.

Software Upgrades

We have made recent upgrades to some of the technology supporting the CaredFor application. As a result, the look and feel of the date/time picker throughout the app has changed.

We do strongly encourage all account owners to ensure the Apple Developer Account for their organization is up to date with agreements and memberships to ensure the best performance.

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